The end !

Hello all,

This is a video of our application

as you can see, it works very well !

Special thanks to our team (picture), our coaches, and all teachers from ISIB for their help, and the organisation.

From the right to the left : Diederik, Ludovic, Susann, Rui and I.

It was a really nice week,



Tonight big Presentation @ IMAL!                (youps)

Project description

Hello all,

You can see a quick description on our project here.

Have a nice sunday.

Illustrations & sounds

The game is situated in a bar, therefor we have to create illustrations and implement them to Unity as textures/materials on planes. Like that, the setup for the scene can be realised quite fastly and easily. In the foreground you see the bar, the beer tap and of course the beer glasses. In the background are some tables and a frame on the wall with random pictures in it which are delivered by a database.

To make the scene more realistic, we will also implement sounds. The pouring of the beer, the sounds of the glass on the table, the glass crashing (in case you don´t stop it from sliding down the bar) and some jazzy ambient background music will make it a nice user experience. I downloaded them from



Yesterday I’ve made a script for showing online pictures in the background of our bar.
Now we just have to find some awesome photos!

RFID / Unity

Today i created the  lists of requests made by customers in Unity.
There are two lists. One for the waiter and another for the bartender.
Each time the waiter register(with the RFID cards) an order, will disappear from his list, and appear on bantender list.
When the bantender fill the cup, will send it to the waiter, and that order will disappear from his list.

There is a maximum of 10 orders.

Here is a screenshot:

Order List

Order List

Concept and poster

The idea for the game will be a situation in a bar. The two users are the bartender and the waiter, who have to work together to deliver all the ordered beers in time. The bartender has to tap the beer, put it on the bar and slide it to the waiter. The waiter has to stop the beer, deliver it to the customers, take new orders and give the information to the bartender. All these tasks will be handled by simple gestures on the analogue multitouch table.



















For the final presentation we created a poster which can be downloaded here. (more than 31Mb !)



Today we actually start the technical work. We managed to recognize the RFID-tags in Unity. The tags are going to be used as different types of belgian beers, so here we found the link to Brussels/Belgium.
Tomorrow we’ll create objects in Unity when the RFID reader recognize a tag.


Some RFID links:

-some examples



Getting the project started

Yesterday was the first day of the project. So we did collect ideas in a first brainstorming an tried to find a nice concept for our installation. But we wouldn´t have expected that combining a multitouch table with a Kinect, a piezo-clip and RFID could become that difficult. In the end, we decided to discard the multitouch table and the Kinect in order to create a simple but innovative multitouch table out of a normal wooden table. The idea is that this table has no visible technical devices on it, so that users wouldn´t expect it to have multitouch skills.

We will make it a game with two users who can control it with simple gestures like hitting, sliding, knocking etc. This input will be recognized and translated by a piezo-clip that is hidden underneath the table. There will also be a RFID which sets up the game. Since we are planning to make it a game for 2 users, we need two tables that don´t touch each other. The Game is displayed on a screen next to the table and the interfacing will be done with the software Unity.

Piezo-Microphone Links

Mogees Project:

Piezo Elements – Max Patch:

Gesture Follower: