Getting the project started

Yesterday was the first day of the project. So we did collect ideas in a first brainstorming an tried to find a nice concept for our installation. But we wouldn´t have expected that combining a multitouch table with a Kinect, a piezo-clip and RFID could become that difficult. In the end, we decided to discard the multitouch table and the Kinect in order to create a simple but innovative multitouch table out of a normal wooden table. The idea is that this table has no visible technical devices on it, so that users wouldn´t expect it to have multitouch skills.

We will make it a game with two users who can control it with simple gestures like hitting, sliding, knocking etc. This input will be recognized and translated by a piezo-clip that is hidden underneath the table. There will also be a RFID which sets up the game. Since we are planning to make it a game for 2 users, we need two tables that don´t touch each other. The Game is displayed on a screen next to the table and the interfacing will be done with the software Unity.

Piezo-Microphone Links

Mogees Project:

Piezo Elements – Max Patch:

Gesture Follower:

Blog opening

Hello all,

This saturday 24/12/2011, the blog of Team 2 for the Intensive Program was opened.

All team members are invited to complete this page, with their specific Skills and interest.